11.12.13 Today in the life of…

November 12, 2013 | Post a Comment

Dear blog,

I’M SO SORRY! It has recently been brought to my attention that this blog hasn’t had any sort of current action for a good number of months now. I don’t want to attempt figuring the number out, because then I will be ashamed of myself. Also, I despise math, and my calculator is in the other room, so…

Some of you know (some may not), and those who don’t know, may care to know that I moved to the east coast about four months ago. On August 13th, 2013, I packed all of my important belongings into three suitcases, hopped on a plane with a one-way ticket, and officially moved to Virginia. Technically, I was in upstate New York for a week and some change, but from there I ended up settling down into good old northern Virginia. Despite all of my extreme excitement and anticipation for what the future could possibly bring to myself and my business, I have been faced with a couple of limitations on the business front. Some such drawbacks include:

-Woops, can’t upload too many things! There’s a data-cap on the internet at the house I’m currently residing at, which means I’m very limited on what I can upload/download for most of the day, unless I want to start wading into the murky land of data-overage fee’s (which I do NOT). So, as much as I’d love to throw photo-storm parties on a daily basis and clog up all of your feeds with pretty pictures, I can’t. I COULD, if I had the extra money to pitch in for the overages, but let me repeat my previous statement: I CAN’T.

-Surprise! Moving to an entirely new place, where you know a grand total of 5-6 people decently well, there isn’t an abundance of clients anticipating hiring you to work for them. Luckily, I did have some semblance of an idea on how to get started again. Also patience (somewhat).

-Oh my beautiful countryside that I’ve always wanted to explore! How do I explore you without a car or money!? As I quickly figured out upon moving to Virginia, despite the fact that I had (admittedly, half-assedly) saved money to last through AT LEAST the first month or two, money runs out fast. Like, really fast. Like, lasted me less than a month. Despite the fact that I was out of my mind with excitement to trek through some fields and photograph some bales of hay in artsy angles, without a car to travel in, or money to give to new friends and family to pitch in for gas, I wasn’t going far very fast. And everything out here is very far away.

I suppose those have been the biggest obstacles that I’ve faced thus far. Some of them have proven more challenging than others, yet, in the end, they’re only obstacles. Slowly but surely, I’m learning to overcome them; climb over them, or go around them. I have a car now (Fiat 500, ftw!)! I’m making new friends! I’m learning of the places in town that have free wifi (and delicious coffee). Its been one grand adventure, without a doubt. In any case, I suppose I just wanted to update you all on why my blog has been less than quiet over the past number of months. I’ve been posting recent work, as well as working at getting some of my nature and landscape images transformed into sell-able prints…just not on this site. I promise to get better at it!

If you frequent my blog and have been wondering where to find my recent work, here are the top two links I’ve been keeping up with:



My portfolio is also clearly in need of an update with recent work, so keep your beadies peeled! I’m going to be making it a point to stay current with all of my sites. There’s so much I want to show you all! :)

3.13.13 Kaitlyn’s Bachelorette Party.

April 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

Last month, I was hired to shoot Kaitlyn Johnson’s (now Mooney!) bachelorette party as a surprise to the bride-to-be by her maid of honor Amy. My friend Jeannie and I had already been hired previously to shoot Katie’s wedding, so when Amy requested I shoot the bachelorette party as well, I happily agreed. I’ve shot for Katie’s photography studio (The Rock Studio) in the past, and was thrilled to be able to photograph Katie on her own wedding day, as well as the festivities she was going to share with her closest lady friends on the day prior. She’s clearly a very talented photographer, and I was excited to be able to give her what she gives to her clients on a regular basis: beautiful memories of the happiest times in her life! :)

The girls all had a blast at the party, and Amy constantly surprised Katie with games to play throughout the evening. If you doubt the fun I say they all had, well, just take a look at the photos. I think they communicate the good times pretty accurately. ;)