Today’s post will include :

~Mass amounts of cuteness

~Four small children

~An adorable couple who can also be slightly horrifying (at least the faces they make at each other sometimes are)

~1, 2, 3, jump!

~A yellow watering can

~Chocolate on the face

~Kool-Aid on the shirt

~A pretty garden being watered

~Chess pieces

Hope I haven’t given away too much, and I really hope you all enjoy!

As you guys can tell, there are two different shoots in this post, which could explain why there are about two times as many photos as I normally post. ¬†Both shoots were filled with incredible amounts of fun, and I was really excited to send them all out to Abby, Zach, Dylan and Angela’s moms; and of course, I was excited to see how Caitlin would enjoy the photos from hers and Adam’s couple mini-shoot. ¬†Hope you guys all enjoyed (and maybe even got a laugh) out of my newest photos.