The Grand Canyon in August.

August 23, 2010 | Post a Comment

Over the past couple of years, I take a trip with Matt and a few of his friends to the Grand Canyon for a weekend.  Traditionally we go at the beginning of the year, so it’s usually minus ten degrees at night and everything is blanketed in snow (which is actually quite an amazing sight to see the canyon layered with white).  Yet, as some of you may know, we just took a trip out there a couple of weeks ago.  Matt and his old roomie Albert wanted to take their friend Dean to see the splendor that is the canyon before he left to go live in Whales for a year (he had never seen the canyon before).

So we went in August!  And it was HOT!  All in all a very good time, despite the heat though.

Dean, I hope you have a wonderful time in Europe, and make sure to take lots of pictures to show everyone when you come back!

The new Cantina Patio.

August 4, 2010 | Post a Comment

Hi everyone!  Today I am going to be bringing you some photos from the new Cantina Patio at El Cholo on the day it reopened, as well as some adorable little kids who happened to be in the restaurant around the same time.

The patio isn’t 100% complete as of yet, although I’m quite certain I’ll be bringing you all more photos of the completed project shortly after the 25th of August; I’ve been hired to shoot a grand re-opening ribbon cutting ceremony on that day to introduce the patio back to the guests of El Cholo officially.