Hi all.  Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted last – I’ve been fairly busy with all sorts of work lately, and sadly haven’t found much time to make another blog post until now.

So lets get back into it! Last month I took a trip out to Lake Havasu in Arizona with Matt’s family to visit his grandpa Ed and spend a couple of days in 113 degree heat floating around in the lake.

Despite a few setbacks (minor and some major) throughout the trip, it was still very enjoyable, and I was sad to leave the relaxation behind when it was time to go.

I brought my camera on the trip with me (no surprise there), but was a little hesitant to take it out on the lake.  ”What if the heat melts some vital organ inside of it?” “What if I drop it in the lake while I’m trying to take photos by the water?” “What if a gust of wind carries it to a faraway land?” Drawbacks as such kept me from bringing it anywhere outside of the house for the first few days, until I finally decided that since I brought it, I might as well get some use out of it.

So here are the photos I took while on our adventure in Lake Havasu City, Arizona!

(This was the gentleman that saved us when the car broke down after lunch in Blythe.  Marshall was his name – so claims his shirt.. )