House of the Chupacabra.

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It’s been a few days since I last posted, so I wanted to share a couple of goofy photos I collected while visiting at my Aunt Lila and her fiance Carter’s house.  I enjoy being able to see the little trinkets people decorate their homes with, especially at Lila and Carter’s house.

Carter seems to enjoy small animals and dinosaurs with.. monster heads?  Also small fuzzy goats.  Not to mention that they seem to have an obsession with the Chupacabra, and like to spend time together drawing pictures of what it would be like to be him.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos :)

Christmas Eve / Day

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Christmas this year was a number of events all mashed together between two days.

Christmas eve started the festivities off at my mother’s parent’s house when, after work, all the aunts, uncles and cousins all head over to partake in dinner and present opening madness.  The morning following (Christmas day in real time) starts off with Santa presents, laid out by the fireplace at home.  Next to visit is my father’s parent’s house for breakfast and more partaking in presents.  Then I went to Matt’s family’s house for 2nd breakfast and Santa gifts/family presents, leading into lunch with Matt’s grandparents.  Finally, dinner back at home with all sides of my family, and Matt :)

Christmas was a little wild this year.  All craziness aside though, it was very enjoyable, and I was able to capture a few memorable images from all of the places I visited throughout the holiday.

(There are two ways to enjoy Christmas, as shown above)

(This image starts Christmas morning, at my dad’s parent’s)

Minerva and Juan 11/4/10

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Today I would like to bring to you all the wedding of Minerva and Juan Arias.  An intimate ceremony at St. Bruno’s Church in Uptown Whittier, followed by a lively celebration at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Garden Walk in Anaheim made for an incredibly eventful day.  And if all that wasn’t enough, a behind the scenes Disneyland fireworks show was in order for the guests right after dinner!

Minerva and Juan, I was honored to have been able to share your special day with you both, and I hope you both have a happy and loving marriage for the rest of your lives.

And now, the photos!

Albert’s apartment-warming bash.

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My friend Albert was officially moved in to his new apartment in Long Beach as of about a month ago.  So, in order to properly celebrate the official-ness of a new apartment, you have to have a sing-along with good friends! ;)

Sara and Adam 10.23.10

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I’ve FINALLY finished putting together the photos I’ve wanted to share with you all from Sara and Adam’s wedding just NOW!  Between working two jobs, and trying to keep up with my photography lately, it’s definitely easy to get backed up and for that I apologize.

Sara and Adam were married on October 23rd, 2010 in Lake Arrowhead.  I was second shooter to the talented Kaitlyn Johnson ( <- go check out her work!) and had an absolute blast!  Gorgeous scenery, awesome and friendly guests, below zero temperatures, we handled that wedding with anything it had to throw at us ;)

Also, in honor of my first wedding blog post in quite some time, I’ve extended my selection of photos I’m going to show this post – hope you all like them!

New lens teaser.

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SO!  As some of you may know, I recently added a new lens to my collection; a Canon L series lens!

The moment I was able to equip this new lens to my camera, I was off taking photos around the house of anything and everything that looked like it would make an interesting image.  Here is a selection of some of the first few photos I’ve taken with my new lens; I hope you like them!


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Last month, I had a birthday on the 19th, as I usually do every year on that day ;)  In celebration of staying alive while the Earth took another rotation around the sun, my boyfriend Matt took me on a trip up into wine country for the first time to try out different wineries and relax.

Our first winery (Demetria) turned out to be a beautiful estate in the middle of many winding roads and rows of growing grapes.  The grounds were completely picturesque and the wine was quite tasty; what more could you ask for?

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Hello :)

It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a chance to update my blog, I’m posting two events in rapid succession.

The El Cholo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on the 25th of August on the newly remodeled outside cantina patio as a celebration for the completion of construction.  City officials passed out awards of excellence to one of the restaurant’s owners, mariachis strummed their guitars, blared their trumpets, and sang, as the celebrating commenced.  Restaurant regulars, first-time guests, and employees all got to share in the fun and it turned out to be a memorable and eventful evening.

I hope you all enjoy the photos from El Cholo’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

20+ years employees.

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Hello again.  I need to post this.

I recently finished a project I had been working on for roughly a month, which I would like to share with you all today – El Cholo’s employees who have been with the company for twenty years or more.  The restaurant takes great pride in the employees who have been with the company for an extended period of time, so when all the employees with 20 years or more had been compiled into a neat little list, I was hired to visit with each one of them for a portrait shoot.  After a month of coinciding my schedule with thirteen different employees at the restaurant, I’ve finally captured a portrait of each employee on that list that will be displayed in the lobby area of the El Cholo in La Habra for everyone to see.

So now that it’s finally complete, prints have been ordered, and delivered, I figured I would share with you all the portraits that will be hung on El Cholo’s “wall of fame” in the near future.

The new Cantina Patio.

August 4, 2010 | Post a Comment

Hi everyone!  Today I am going to be bringing you some photos from the new Cantina Patio at El Cholo on the day it reopened, as well as some adorable little kids who happened to be in the restaurant around the same time.

The patio isn’t 100% complete as of yet, although I’m quite certain I’ll be bringing you all more photos of the completed project shortly after the 25th of August; I’ve been hired to shoot a grand re-opening ribbon cutting ceremony on that day to introduce the patio back to the guests of El Cholo officially.