Hello all.

Last month, I was extremely excited when Cory and Kerilynn Cooke asked me to photograph their 4 week old son Jaxson.  Of course I agreed.  I went over to their apartment to capture him hanging out, doing what babies like to do (make happy little noises and stretch a lot).

Meeting baby Jaxson was a touching experience.  I was amongst a family that just brought a new, tiny person into the world and it was very clear that Cory and Kerilynn couldn’t be more excited and in love with their son.  It was definitely a beautiful encounter for me to share in.

Cory and Kerilynn : I’m so glad you guys had me come over to photograph your new family.  You’re both awesome people, and are awesome parents.  I can’t wait to see Jaxson growing up, and of course can’t wait to photograph him again whenever you want! :)

(He wasn’t too thrilled about this setup)