Back again with another amazing wedding for you all to put your peepers on!  Another great day spent with the fantasic Jeannie Mutrias, an awesome couple, and all their friends and family.

Chris and Claire were an absolute blast to work with.  All smiles, laughs and some gnarly faces thrown in here and there throughout the day.  I went home that night with sore sides from laughing with them so much :)

Before I get into the photos, I just wanted to point out something that struck me as very awesome and very brave.  Claire took the time to hand-make every single one of her brides maids dresses.  There are five brides maids.  Pretty crazy cool, right?  Well, she didn’t only make all five brides maids dresses.. she made her own wedding dress too!  I was blown away by how much time, care and love she put into every detail of her wedding.  I’ve got mad respect for you, miss lady!  Not to mention that everything turned out perfect.

And of course.. RIDICULOUS FACES :D