Some of you may remember a photo shoot I posted awhile ago of the Lish family expecting a new addition (at that time) very shortly!  December 6th, Bridget and Kevin happily welcomed their new son into the world.

A few months later, Bridget and I arranged a day for me to come over and photograph the new addition to the family. ¬†Although Conor wasn’t totally feeling the photo shoot (he didn’t want to let go of his mommy!), we still managed to have a quick shoot peppered with a few little laughs, grunts, and frowns. ¬†Fortunately, Conor is an adorable and very handsome little man, so even in the photos I snapped where he isn’t looking the happiest, he’s still cute beyond words :)

So, for my first blog post since I’ve gotten my new site up (thanks again, Matt!), I present to you baby Conor!