Hi to everyone again!  I told you all it wouldn’t be too long until I put up another post, so here is my newest entry upholding that promise.

A few weeks ago, El Cholo (the restaurant my family works at) opened a new location in downtown Los Angeles by the Staples Center.  This is great news for the restaurant, seeing as how the Staples Center gets a ton of people visiting to watch sports events of all sorts throughout the year, and the area is generally pretty busy even when there isn’t a game being held.

So, a couple of days before the actual grand opening of the restaurant, the owners invited employees, friends, and family to come and enjoy a mock service night.

A mock service meal is pretty much employees trying out their new jobs on people other than their coworkers for a lunch or dinner; they’re all practicing skills, interactions, taking orders, serving, etc.

In any case, I brought my camera to this event just for fun and ended up getting a couple of shots that I would like to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy!