Jaxson is so freaking adorable that it’s hard to put into words.  I could go look on Thesaurus.com, and just list every synonym it gives me for the word ‘cute’ and then post all of his photos, but that’s boring.

I met Jaxson when he was barely 2 months old.  He was TINY!  One of the smallest babies I’ve ever seen!  Don’t let his small appearance from four months ago fool you though, his personality has never been small.  During his first shoot, while I was chatting with his parents Cory and Kerilynn, he was making all sorts of noises trying to join the conversation with sounds rather than words.

Not only has Jaxson grown at least twice in size since I last saw him, but he’s CRAWLING now!  It absolutely blew my mind to be able to go from meeting this itty bitty, brand new person only a few months ago to watching him crawl after Cory’s keys across the grass like he was a miniature man on a mission.  Just look back on his newborn photos and compare them to how he looks now, I guarantee you’ll definitely see a big change!  Cory and Kerilynn, he’s going to be a teenager before you know it, enjoy this for as long as you can :)

Now, I don’t normally include silly pictures, despite the fact that I am almost filled to the brim with silliness myself.  Yet, Cory, Kerilynn and Jaxson are a family after my own heart.  They embrace the things that make them laugh!  I love it!  For this post (and hopefully more to come!), I’m including a short but sweet “blooper” collage.  The following three images are some of my personal favorites :)