Have you ever seen those yellow flowers covering the hills after a good bout of rain?  They’re mustard grass flowers, and when they’re all blooming in the fields, they look pretty amazing.  Last week, I recollected that the hills up in Walnut are always covered in these during Spring.  Walnut isn’t TOO far from my house so I grabbed my camera and decided to go up over the hill.

Of course, upon arriving at a park surrounded by fields covered in yellow, I was approached by a man named Lee and his gigantic dog Cody.  In the back of my head, as he started talking to me about anything and everything as if I were a long lost friend, I began to envision this short friendship ending in my eminent and untimely demise (I tend to get a little nervous when I’m approached by people at the park while I’m by myself).  Luckily, he didn’t try to kidnap me.. or worse.

While I was wandering around, for the few short moments I managed to sneak away, I was able to get a few interesting shots of the trail I was on leading to the hills, as well as a few shots of my new friend’s dog Cody.  Apparently he’s 1/4 wolf, which makes for an alarming looking dog.

In any case, I’d like to share a few photos with you guys from the past week of my adventure at the park, as well as photos from a food and drink shoot for Ron Sailsbury’s new restaurant, Cafe Miaz.  The food / drink photos are not necessarily the photos the restaurant is going to use for their menu, but my own personal favorites.  Hope you all enjoy!

(This was the fence I crawled under to get into the hills.)