So as a few of you already are aware, my new camera arrived last week on Wednesday : Canon 7D!  It pretty much felt like Christmas in March at my house as I ripped the box to shreds in a hasty attempt to get to my new camera as quickly as I could.  Yet, despite all of my hastiness to get to the contents, I came across a couple drawbacks : a) the battery doesn’t come charged (why not?  It’d be so sweet of Canon if they sent out their cameras with fully charged batteries so I don’t have to wait 4 hours for it to juice up), and b) the memory card I had wasn’t compatible.  So although I physically had the camera Wednesday, the real fun didn’t begin until Thursday after I ran out to buy a CF card.

Since then, my camera hasn’t left my side, and I’ve decided to start a few projects.  I have a new camera, why not dedicate myself to a couple of projects in between shoots to stay busy and showcase my photography?

Unfortunately, for those of you interested in seeing the above mentioned projects unveiled here today, I must disappoint you.  They’re still works in progress, but I have started them.  I’ll wait until they’re complete (or close to being complete) to show everyone, and hopefully by then I’ll be sharing my blog with more people than I currently am.

In any case, I have a few teaser photos to share with you all that ARE receiving my updates : photos I’ve taken with my new camera over the past week!  Photos from shoots, on my way to shoots, getting comfortable with the new gear, etc. these are a few of my favorite photos I’ve gathered over the past week that I’d like to share.  Hope you all enjoy!

(This is my favorite!)

I’m adding this photo as a bonus because it makes me laugh.