Hi again, and yes, so soon!  I’ve got part two of the Santa Barbara trip to share with you guys today : the beach house!

The beach house we stayed in for the week was an adorable minuscule vintage building.  It was built in the 1920′s and reached a grand total of 600 square feet; 300 upstairs and 300 downstairs (apparently people in the 1920′s didn’t need a lot of space).  It was quite cozy.  Despite its size though, there were a ton of different things to see, secret rooms to explore, and it was about 50 feet away from the ocean.  So, whenever we decided to hang out on a balcony (upstairs or downstairs), we were able to watch and listen to the waves constantly crashing in and then slipping back, which was very relaxing.

Read : the first two photos were taken before we actually left for Santa Barbara, making this post a little backwards, but I hope you enjoy, all the same!

(Ours was the one with the white umbrella)