Alright guys, today I bring you the third and final installment of the Santa Barbara trip photos : our last day of vacation in Ojai.

The last day of our vacation was spent in a little town east of Santa Barbara called Ojai, hidden behind many winding twisting roads and hills.  Mark (Matt’s father) has cousins, Merle and Melanie, living in the hot, veiled town who invited us to come by for lunch before our journey back home.  Upon arriving at Merle and Melanie’s house, I began exploring the area with my camera immediately.  Melanie has an amazing collection of decorations, some of which are from Germany that her mother gave to her after they moved to the United States, and some are just plain neat to look at (and photograph), while Merle has a collection of 15 classic cars (not counting the 4-5 part cars he keeps in a car graveyard behind his garages) that he restores and works on in his free time.

Lunch was delicious, which I began to suspect it would be after I smelled what was coming out of Melanie’s kitchen while running around her home photographing anything and everything that caught my eye, and after our meal Merle was more than happy to show us around his garages and let us take a look at his work, complete and in progress.

So I hope you all enjoy the last installment of our Santa Barbara trip photos, and keep checking back for new shoot posts!