I know it’s a little late (about a month late, be specific), but now that all the holiday madness is over, I’ll finally be able to start updating my blog a little more with recent work! ┬áThat’s the plan anyway ;)

This year for Thanksgiving, I took a trip with Matt and his awesome family up to Big Bear to stay in a cabin they rented for the holiday.  Despite the fact that it was below twenty degrees during most of our stay, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time exploring the snowy woods around the cabin (it was also VERY enjoyable to thaw out by one of the two fireplaces that constantly had roaring fires going after an expedition).

We ate a ton, relaxed, played pool, and Matt even got his hair cut after 2 years, which, thanks to his cousin Erin turned out perfectly!

(The fake deer freaked Winston out a little bit.. )

(A rare photo caught of me)