As many of you already know, I went on a road trip with Matt and Jared two weeks ago through the Northwest.  This being my first official road trip, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  As a kid, family trips consisted of picking a destination during the planning process months before the actual trip, and then spending our vacation in that specific area, exploring the new territory until it became familiar.  On some sort of subconscious level, I think I was partially expecting something similar to the trips I used to take as a child.

Yet apparently road trips are nothing like that.

Typically, we figured out a destination for the following day at dinner the evening before, we spent about 5-8 hours a day driving to the next city, which meant a lot of time in the car (thanks again for letting us borrow the Durango, Sherri!), and because of all the time spent driving to get to the next destination before everything was closed for the night, we usually had less than 24 hours in each city to explore and get to know the area.

DON’T GET ME WRONG!  The above is not meant to be negative, or come across that way at all.  I had so much fun on this trip, and am so glad that I went and didn’t decide (for some crazy reason) to stay at home and work.  We saw so many awesome things on this trip, I got to visit places I’ve never been to before, and it really opened up my eyes to all the places I’d maybe someday like to live in.

So now that I’ve included enough text to create a short novel, I’d like to share with you all what I’ve been itching to show for the past two weeks : the photos from our trip to the Northwest!

At The Ace Hotel in Portland.

Rest stop on our way to Seattle; shortly after I took this photo, we picked up a hitchhiker heading to Olympia to play in a folk festival on her accordion.

Coins left on Bruce Lee’s grave in the Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington.

On a tour of the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory.

This is my favorite photo from the whole trip.

Note : It was incredibly difficult to not put all 130 of my favorite images into this post, but I managed to narrow it down to the top 20.  Hope you guys liked ‘em!