Hello again everybody (I hope more than one of you read this post, otherwise that will sound pretty silly)!

Recently Matt and I took a trip down to Coronado in San Diego for a couple of days to take it easy and enjoy both the cities of Coronado and downtown San Diego.  As we meant it to be, the trip was very relaxing, and we even had a celebrity sighting (Will Ferrell) while hanging out on the boardwalk in front of the Hotel Del on the last day we were there.  It definitely got me revved up to go on more mini vacations down there in the future (the entire vacation that is, not just seeing WF).

In any case, I brought a pair of San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park tickets with us that were going to expire in a few months, so we put them to good use.  I’ll admit, I was a bad photographer and completely forgot to pack my camera’s battery charger (I was so elated to get out of town for a few days, I frolicked past it without a second glance when I was leaving).  So, the photos I took at the Wild Animal Park are the only photos I have from the trip; shortly after we left my camera gave up on trying to stay alive.  I am pleased with the turn out though, and would like to share them with you all.