As some of you already know, Matt and I moved to Long Beach a few weeks ago.  We’re in an awesome little one bedroom apartment about 4 blocks away from the beach (so hurry up and tell us if you want to arrange a beach trip soon! ;) ).  It’s amazing, awesome and I’m having a blast living with my wonderful boyfriend.  Having never moved anywhere in my life before, it’s been quite an experience!  No doubt about that it’s a very exciting experience though :)

So now that we’ve had a chance to move in, get settled, and start figuring out our routines again, I was finally able to snap some shots around the new place!  We have no decorations up yet (posters, photos, anything framed, etc.), but we’ve got mostly everything else in order, so I’ve put together a photo-tour for you all to take through our new place today!

Let us begin.

Here is our apartment number and the porch leading to our door.  Yes, our door mat reads “Leave.”  It came with the place, and that’s super rad.

This is our living room – what you see when you first walk through the door.

Here’s our AWESOME rug :D

Our kitchen/dining place combo.

Gotta have a spot for alcohol ;)

Our work station.

Our hallway leading into the bedroom with a bunch of extra storage on the right.

The curtain holders to the left will someday be put up to hold back the curtains.

And here’s the bed!  About 3-4 feet tall – we’re thinking of getting rid of the GINORMOUS box springs soon.

So there’s the new place!  Hope you all enjoyed your tour through el casa de la Matt and Dannee :)  Let us know when you’d all like to come over and hang out soon.